The SAFe Air Bear

We had a “SAFe Air Bear” visit us for P3 PI Planning this week! Hilarious selfie’s ensued… The SAFe Air Bear was motivating our Agile Release Planes (ARPs) to successfully plan out feature flights for the next three months (Program Increment three). Two ARPs, and a little over 150 people participated. Still working on featureContinue reading “The SAFe Air Bear”

Jem D’jelal: Dear frustrated ScrumMaster…

Reblogged with permission from Jem D’jelal, the original author of this content, as a contributor to Originally published on LinkedIn April 15, 2017.  Jem D’jelal Coaching individuals & teams to find “better” ways of working. I know how difficult your role can be, trying to help people find better ways of working. After all, it’sContinue reading “Jem D’jelal: Dear frustrated ScrumMaster…”

SAFe PI Planning Simulation Experiment – Building a House

I have found some time to create new slides to draw in the context of the Build a House PI planning simulation into the SAI instructional material …

Gamification Test Simulation with Lego and Scrum

Your humble servant leader facilitated a test simulation today with a Lego Scrum product development game. Going to do some research on how to integrate this into SAFe courses. The participant coaches/volunteers agreed it would be more effective as a learning tool than the default simulation in the various Lean-Agile-SAFe courses we are teaching.

Scaling Frameworks Key Takeaway from the 11th State of Agile Report

The SAFe is WINNING With the new 11th Annual State of Agile Report being released by VersionOne an interesting trend is clear. The SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for the enterprise) is gaining ground. The answer to “why?” is evident in the numerous successful implementations of the framework as guidance for organizations desiring better outcomes. It isContinue reading “Scaling Frameworks Key Takeaway from the 11th State of Agile Report”