Scaling Frameworks Key Takeaway from the 11th State of Agile Report


With the new 11th Annual State of Agile Report being released by VersionOne an interesting trend is clear. The SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for the enterprise) is gaining ground. The answer to “why?” is evident in the numerous successful implementations of the framework as guidance for organizations desiring better outcomes. It is working for my clients as well. Stay tuned for more on that.

Scrum/Scrum of Scrums scaling framework falls 45%!

The respondents to the latest survey have the SAFe overtaking generic Scrum/Scrum of Scrums frameworks as “the most popular scaling method” at 28% according to VersionOne’s report. The more important observation is how Scrum/Scrum of Scrums scaling methods have dropped precipitously from 72% in the 10th Annual report to 27% in the current report.

Why do you think the SAFe is gaining so much ground? I have my opinions. I believe a key reason is that the SAFe includes guidance from a large body of thought leaders. It is also the most comprehensive. The SAFe and all the guidance is freely available. LeSS, DAD has theirs published too. Where is the guidance for Enterprise Scrum? Who knows. Lastly, the continuity and clarity (read: basic communication principles) of the SAFe as a set of best practice transformation guidance to achieve organizational Agility in an enterprise is very good compared to other options.

Credit for images: VersionOne, Inc. – 11th Annual State of Agile Report

As a consultant, I try to be technology and framework/process/methodology agnostic so that I am always focused on delivering the very best value to my clients. My opinions of the SAFe or of any other Scaling/Agile framework is only shared for the purpose of continuous learning. I will always recommend the right “best” tool for the problem we are trying to solve at the right time (while always asking the right questions).

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