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Em Campbell-Pretty – The Heart of Scaling Agile

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If you haven’t read Em’s book on the subject, I highly recommend it.

How to download YouTube videos on Mac OS with VLC; *but it is against the terms of service

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**UPDATE 2020 March 24
With recent updates Youtube killed downloads through VLC again. I successfully used the “Airy” product to test downloads. YMMV. I gave up on VLC. Youtube must have sent a threatening letter…

**UPDATE 2019 May 7** This how-to is still viable with VLC for Mac OS X 3.0.6. I had tested with a v2.x of VLC and the process was broken. I updated VLC to the v3.x version and the process does still work as of this update.

MANY thanks to my amazing unnamed friend/co-worker for teaching me about downloading YouTube videos.

Are you a coach struggling with youtube video disorder? You know, that awkward moment when you are trying to start a video in your course (in front of people that paid $$$ to listen to you) only to find out — NO INTERNET — or even worse, the dreaded — EVIL NON-SENSE FIREWALL — attack.

No problem. Just download all your videos to your HD. On Mac OS (the only sensible operating system), it is as simple as using VLC (which you should have already anyway). Try it out. Breathe. Thanks. Wait, something isn’t right.

Well, there is one huge problem.

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Armond Mehrabian on the 11th Annual State of Agile Report

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Great review of the report from Armond.

Great news! We are building a new Enterprise Lean-Agile team!

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IMG_0335Great news network! We are building a new enterprise lean-agile team to support our clients in Oklahoma!

We are hiring Agile coaches (preferably SAFe© SPC4 and RTE’s) and Agile Scrum masters at all career levels. I am the chief career experience servant leader for the team. Private message me for more information and an interview request. Not all requests will receive a reply, apologies. I will be screening your detailed LinkedIn profile (+ me so I can see it). Resumes / CVs are not desired.

If you are only looking for a job please do not apply. We are not a body shop. We are passionate servant leaders focused on value delivery and successful outcomes with great work-life balance. For all stakeholders.

Must be a US Citizen, self-motivated lifelong learner and be able to obtain a security clearance. This team will support our U.S. Federal government, State government, and commercial clients.

Big letter “A” Agile experience required. Be prepared to explain in detail your knowledge, understanding, philosophy of Agile mindset, values and principles. Excellent, well rounded communication skills are an absolute requirement. SAFe experience is encouraged, but other scaling frameworks are also acceptable. We do best practices, not framework wars.

No third party queries please. Many thanks to those that have already communicated. We are still in progress, not done done yet. WIP limits…

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How Do Committees Invent? /Conway’s Law

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Have you ever worked in an organization run by committee? All decisions requiring consensus, even the minutiae? Immutable command and control structures that were often too busy to collaborate with underlings? What did their results look like? I like how Mel ties in the social construct and communication into the discussion of organizational structures. How we work together is important, just like what we are working on.

To the extent that an organization is not completely flexible in
its communication structure, that organization will stamp out
an image of itself in every design it produces.
… Because the design that occurs first is almost never the best
possible, the prevailing system concept [the design] may need to
change. Therefore, flexibility of organization is important to
effective design. Ways must be found to reward design managers
for keeping their organizations lean and flexible.

-M. Conway