The thought leaders that lost their way

Kent Beck – “This Agile thing should be about the need to heal the divide between business and development.”

And here we are in 2017 with scaling framework zealots launching rockets and starting wars bashing other frameworks? Doing exactly what Mr. Beck’s vision was against. Not debating ideas in the marketplace respectfully. Outright disrespectfully bashing and promoting misinformation campaigns.

WHY? Have you lost your way illustrious thought leaders? Aren’t we supposed to be better than this as change agents for good? What happened to healing the divide between business and developers?

Why are you creating divisions in this fledgling “Agile” revolution? For money? Fame?

This is not “Agile” behaviour.


“a dumb idea that works is not a dumb idea” – Bob Martin

A reference from the video of a sign he saw talking about Schwaber and the first Certified Scrum master class. A dumb idea that works turned into a for profit business that turns away the very principles it espouses is what?

“What Scrum forgot is that you cannot have speed without quality.” – Robert C. Martin, 2011 NDC

“When you are going fast, you need something that keeps you clean.” – Bob Martin, 2011 NDC. Referring to the missing XP practices in Scrum.

“Scrum without technical practices is like a tractor pull. Every sprint gets harder and harder.” – Bob Martin, 2011 NDC.

Is Scrum still Agile by itself? What is Scrum by itself?

“Flacid Scrum” – M. Fowler.

“manual testing is immoral. If a task can be done by a machine, it is immoral to give the task to a human being. ” – Robert C. Martin, 2011 NDC

Robert C. Martin – The Land that Scrum Forgot:


My goal the other day  was to get someone to acknowledge that Scrum is not Agile. To understand it is a framework. I succeeded. I’m not bashing Scrum in any way. I actually believe Scrum is a good construct. I am trying to teach people the difference between Scrum and Agile and agile or agility. Too much equation going on and it hurts the cause. This all ties to the broader messaging problem that has been created by a group of old patriarchs bent on making a few million $$’s before they retire for good. It isn’t all on them. The Agile community is a total hot mess. We need unity. Bad behavior from thought leaders, coaches, change agents, and practitioners should be called out as unacceptable by the community at large. Otherwise, the community will never be successful at making the world a better place to work.

We need less division and more unity in the Agile community.

In case you missed it in the thread on LinkedIn here is the gist of my points.

I am pointing out the huge messaging failure that “Agilists – the Agile community” have created. Scrum IS NOT EQUAL TO “Agile.” It could be argued that some parts or all of Scrum are agile and some parts or all of the Scrum framework satisfy the value system of the AM. Still, Scrum IS NOT Agile = Agile Manifesto. You and I may have that understanding after studying for years. Newcomers don’t and messaging matters. Huge fail on Sutherland, Schwaber, and others to not address this in the Scrum guides, AM and other comms. I get tired of fixing this problem over and over again with students.

Now, scaling frameworks are attempting to address this problem (maybe?). Now the profit motive has come in stronger than ever. As evidenced by… Let the framework bashing begin. Outsiders see this and think we are all a bunch of *** clowns. I’m not promoting that we should get on one wagon. I am just pointing out the big problem and suggesting we all try to find common ground. If you don’t believe me, look at the comment from Zijian (a developer), that I’ve heard hundreds of times by now in various flavors.


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