Agile2017: Training from Outside the Room (Marian Willeke, Scott Marsee)

REALLY interesting training methods here for those that have studied Sharon Bowman. Imagine a classroom using Bowman’s “trumps” and microlearning in small batches. I’m ready for an experiment.

Excerpt from “Microlearning: Developing Learning Habits” by Marian Willeke:

How do we shift from task-based learning to habit-based learning?


By learning in small batches. By learning as we are doing. By learning with experimentation. By learning through experience sharing and targeted feedback.

This is the definition of microlearning; giving us a pattern of shifting our learning behaviour. It is a shift of making the learning matter as well as natural to experience; both as individuals and together as teams.

Microlearning Steps


This content is from Agile2017 where Marian and Scott are presenting. If you want to learn more about Microlearning please see Marian’s site here.

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Agile2017: Training from Outside the Room (Marian Willeke, Scott Marsee)


(photo credit: graphiclanguage, Marian Willeke, Scott Marsee, and Rabbit Hole Learning)

See for more information.

Content reblogged with permission from Rabbit Hole Learning and Marian Willeke.



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