SAFe© – The Program Board, a real life working example

I promised a picture of the (jokingly) “super duper milestone, feature, dependency board runway” (PB) for our Agile Release Planes (ART) two weeks ago from my amazing uber client people at ESC. Well, here you go.

before the ART 1 and ART 3 PI4 Planning (P4 PIP):

Now, after three days of big room planning the boards are mapped with features, dependencies, milestones, and other important product and systems events. About 275 people participated in the events. ART 1 (and ART2 but their PDB is in another room) did P4 PIP on Tuesday – Wednesday. We launched ART 3 and completed P4 PIP on Thursday.

We have found mapping the iterations .1 to .5 bottom up to be more effective and cleaner visually for the BVIR when dependencies are cut. One of our RTE’s came back with this from class, borrowed from another attendee. Also, the Systems Team and Shared Services are positioned in between the two ARTs so that dependencies can be mapped with shorter strings while still being able to have enough space for everything to be visually useful as a BVIR. String works better than tape for rows/columns. The columns have the team names, logo, current Epics they are consuming, POPM, SM.

The POPM sync and SoS are held in front of the boards. Much amazing collaboration happens here.

My lens was not dirty. I warped the text on purpose. Origin post:


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