How to System Demo like a champion!

P4.2 Systems Demo - Team Global Enforcers nomination for world's best demo -- ever!
P4.2 Systems Demo – Team Global Enforcers nomination for world’s best demo — ever!

Every so often organizations are blessed with amazing self-organized awesomely creative teams. This is the case with my client and the playfully named “Global Enforcers.”

What makes this Lean-Agile Scrum teams system demo so special is their domain purpose–to build and implement a global IT operations center serving over one thousand internal staff and thousands of customers all over the United States.

See, they are not building software. But they are creating massive value in the new GITOC. The product is a process, infrastructure and some tooling. In their first iterations the goals have focused on building and delivering several governance and process documents.

This team has taken to heart the soul of Agility with creative demos including literal scrolls

P3 Systems Demo – Team Global Enforcers earlier demo of documents as old school SCROLLS!

representing approved and signed documents. No boring document projection or PowerPoint commando hell. Just pure highlights of the business value generated.

This past P4.2 Systems Demo the team took it to a whole new level by using a Christmas 🎄 Tree to demonstrate the deliverables as ornaments (stickies) on the tree. They also used the opportunity to make visible a few program risks.

Bravo Global Enforcers, bravo!


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