Agile Moment: The Triangulation Technique

Sizing Challenges If you are a coach, scrum master or team having trouble with sizing your user stories and consequently estimation of effort and collaboration in story points (volume, knowledge, complexity, uncertainty, dependencies, risk) try out the triangulation technique. This technique also works for no-estimate teams operating in non-enterprise environments. Additionally, teams that experience significantContinue reading “Agile Moment: The Triangulation Technique”

VLOG – Relative cadence Coaching Tip #3 – Story point craziness and the Triangulation Technique

The third coaching tip vlog. I know I’m not regular. But I do have to learn and practice some time! I’ve almost no feedback so far. I also need ideas to focus on. Lots of stuff I cover as a practitioner doesn’t fit in 2-3 minutes or I can’t talk about it. Appreciated, friends.

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Sponsorship Opportunities grew 400% from 2016-2017. Every month over 800 unique Lean-Agile change agents, practitioners, learners and other folks that are interested in the space visit Our goal for 2018 is to increase our unique visitors to over 2,000 per month. Additionally, our e-mail sign-up list has over 1,500 addresses. If youContinue reading “Support the blog!”

I&A Series – “Outside team interference and noise; unnecessary outside team involvement”

I started a new series of posts where I will answer some actual problems/ideas presented in an I&A problem solving workshop as part of open space facilitation. This is the third of a few dozen that I plan on covering. If you have any comments, please, let’s learn together. Problem/Idea #3: “Outside team interference and noise; unnecessaryContinue reading “I&A Series – “Outside team interference and noise; unnecessary outside team involvement””