Agile Moment: New SAFe planned business value tool for business owners…

I was just having a bit of fun this morning, but perhaps there is some way to enhance our learning?

From my original LinkedIn post.

“Business Value Bowling” everyone is ten pins and one frame away from accurately assessing business value at the end of the PI!

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Marshall Guillory

Well, honestly I was having fun with one of our amazing teams this morning on my gemba. But, if you will, I’ll take a shot at it.

The pins represent BV points, also usually applied on a ten point scale.

Planned BV is your expected score by the end of your frames that you brag about tirelessly until your friends scorn you into submission.

Actual BV achieved is how many pins you actually knock down in your frames.

Which, in reality, is probably less than your braggadocio behavior was expecting.

BV works the same way quite often. So, we need to create objective measures around our economic framework to make application of BV more pragmatic, accurate, and useful as a planning mechanism driving predictability in a team of teams.

This isn’t taught in SAFe, but think of BV as a reflection of velocity. Not an accurate one, perhaps from a cracked mirror, but an indicator of the volume and quality of value delivered.


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