Come home Oreos, go home fear

800px-Oreo-Two-CookiesSome of us are so busy chasing the next goal that we forget to enjoy the stuff in the middle. Like an Oreo. Don’t forget the milk too.milk-435295_960_720.png

Even worse, we sometimes completely ignore the important stuff in the middle.

Which causes us to not meet our goals. Which causes suffering. 

As Yoda succinctly lays out the point, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate.. to suffering”

So how do we manage fear? Better ways of working, and better behavior.

Better ways of working do not automatically equate to “easy” or “not working hard.”  Better behavior always requires “working hard.”

Changing culture is hard. Behaviour is tied to culture. Then comes discipline. And people. It takes dedicated, experienced, hard-working people to change a culture.

Tools. Choose the right tool for the job. The tool will not do the job. It still requires people. People will most likely still get the job done without the tool. People are creative and motivated. They desire to interact with others.

So, immerse yourself in change and knowledge and love. You will need all three to change a culture. To resist and defeat fear. To be happy and content. And successful.

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