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OrgMindset: Fixed or Variable? It’s Actually Both!

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By  | February 21, 2018

Should my team structure be fixed or variable? Should my funding be fixed or variable? Should the plan reflect fixed expectations or variable possibilities?

The reality is, it’s neither one of those isolated notions, but rather both of them enabling organization’s performance in concert with each other.

On the one hand, enterprise reality contains inherent uncertainty and variability. External conditions change, internal factors evolve and, even more importantly, we are able to refine our understanding of those only over time. It is fundamentally irrational to attempt building organizational plans and structures that contain “all the answers” inside.

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Retrospectives @Scale within SAFe® portfolio context

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Did you know that the value of facilitating retrospectives is also valuable at scale? In other words, facilitating cross-organizational retrospectives. Improvement is necessary to create better business outcomes. Relentless improvement should be a prime directive in every Lean-Agile organization.

In particular, if you are working within a Lean-Agile SAFe® portfolio you may be familiar with some of the following retrospectives. Others may not be so obvious. The point of which is that we should retro our performance for significant activities/ceremonies. When there are obvious bottlenecks in the system, do a retro, and use wisdom when this is not the case. And remember the easiest way to fail at a retrospective is to neglect to create improvement stories that make their way into the backlog. Read the rest of this entry »

Join us! Q&A this Thursday on Organizational Mindset and Culture

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Join Alex Yakyma for a Q&A session discussing organizational mindset and culture.

Join our Q&A Session on Organizational Mindset and Culture


WSJ: What My Son With Autism Taught Me About Managing People

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Cognitive wiring
Individuals in the workplace have their own distinctive cognitive wiring that shapes how they approach the world. ILLUSTRATION: JOHN HERSEY FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

I like to think I was a considerate colleague when I worked in an office. I paid attention to cultural and gender differences. I made an effort to run inclusive meetings and write inclusive articles.

But for all my attention to diversity, I didn’t pay attention to one crucial form of difference: the way people think.

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The prioritization of priority

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Ways of working and ways of thinking… and other obvious, obscure things.

Prioritization doesn’t matter until you run out of capacity.

And since it is Valentine’s Day, the commercial holiday of love, a funny bit from the agilesphere…

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Like a huddle in a football game, except a little bit longer than a huddle

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Authored by Andrew Long, LitheSpeed, also a contributing author.

When teaching teams about Scrum and its design, there’s no better source than Jeff Sutherland himself. Here, in particular, is one video that I’ve used dozens of times:
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