OMECv2 certification, thank you, Alex Yakyma

I suppose I’m Org Mindset Enterprise Coach (OMEC version 2) #000027

The fallacy of stale old mental models about managing people

Managers have never, ever been able to “manage” creative knowledge workers. Only negotiate with them to some degree. Managing knowledge workers is a fallacy of misapplied theory X thinking. Get out of the Freddie Taylor box. If you truly need to “manage” a creative knowledge worker, congratulations you have found an imposter.

Product Owners are torn between being the “Leader-first” and the “Servant-first”

Authored by Preetam De, a contributing author. When we talk about Servant Leadership the first role that comes to our mind is the Scrum Master. It is the first role ever, of its kind, which was created specifically for the sole purpose to “Serve”. Only if Robert K. Greenleaf was alive until 1998, heContinue reading “Product Owners are torn between being the “Leader-first” and the “Servant-first””