NPS Survey Results (negative 22; April 2018)

Well, it has been twelve days since I first published the NPS survey for What are people saying about blogagility? Not much. At all. I’m fairly certain that most of the 2,000 views and 1,500 visitors each month are bots. For you humans out there reading the blog… thank you.

In summary, it appears that a few things are going on. First, the sample size was extremely low with only 9 responses. That in of itself points to a challenge. Next, the majority of the responses were negative, resulting in a -22 NPS. Not great as you can see from the chart below.



There were mostly detractors in the responses (5 detractors, 3 promoters, 1 passive).

There was one promoter, to whom I am very grateful to for the comment quoted below. The survey was anonymous.

1. It presents its view without bias. 2. Its information is very relevant to the present and future agile approach. 3. Most I like about this blog is, although short I always learn from the blog. Short, to the point and knowledgeable. – anonymous survey respondent

I will have to rethink my original intent for this blog. I enjoy helping people in the community immensely. But the expense in money and time may not be a good value and ROI.

The survey… 2018 Change Agent Survey

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