Pree: Lead time & Flow efficiency measures a system’s Efficiency – Not Effectiveness

Not all businesses can achieve high flow efficiency 

Self-Organization with Children

Have you ever been self-managed/organized at a pick-up game at the schoolyard when you were a kid? Basketball? Baseball? Football? Soccer? Dungeons and Dragons (j/k)? We train our kids to do this…and they are really good at it, and they accomplish it mostly in an objective manner. e.g. – I’m a big guy, 6’3″, andContinue reading “Self-Organization with Children”

The Knowledge Worker Factory

Does it really exist? Or are we still working in the blacksmith shop? Will it take AI to bridge the gap? In Lean manufacturing companies that build physical things have been able to improve quality consistently and dramatically since the dawn of the industrial age. Here many of us are in the post-industrial, Information TechnologyContinue reading “The Knowledge Worker Factory”

Lean-Agile Team Metrics Starter Kit

The fourth tool created to date by for the community! This handy starter kit is for Scrum masters that are using the Shu Ha Ri paradigm for team development. Good coaches help new teams avoid the pitfalls of added complexity involved in “Agile Lifecycle Management Tools” and instead push for good old-fashioned manual BVIR’s,Continue reading “Lean-Agile Team Metrics Starter Kit”