Lean-Agile Team Metrics Starter Kit

The fourth tool created to date by blogagility.com for the community!

This handy starter kit is for Scrum masters that are using the Shu Ha Ri paradigm for team development. Good coaches help new teams avoid the pitfalls of added complexity involved in “Agile Lifecycle Management Tools” and instead push for good old-fashioned manual BVIR’s, Kanbans, Scrum boards, et cetera. Change is hard enough in a CAS without adding to the problem by also complicating the way of working.

The kit is targeted for SAFe® Scrum masters by default but could easily be modified to suit vanilla Scrum metrics as well.

The spreadsheet has a setup page with 8 questions that can be used to set up metrics for a program increment or set of iterations. It calculates the dates for you based on a start date.

The setup should be less than 10 minutes and general data entry should take 15 minutes per day for an SM to “count the board” and enter data in the appropriate areas.

For the DEVOPS metrics, the assumption is that the SM is calculating the measures separately as YMMV vastly depending on AT/CI/CD environments.

If you find the kit useful (or not) I would appreciate your comments and feedback. Also, if you find any defects please let me know. I do recommend editing using a large screen as I built the sheets on my 27″ iMac at high resolution.

Click to download the v4.2 file.

Created in MS Office Excel for Mac 2016. No warranty implied, use at your own risk.


v4.2 – added additional team workflow metrics
v4.1 – first public release


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