If you are a change agent, SAFe® Program Consultant, SAFe® Product Manager, STE, RTE, or practitioner you may find the™ Feature Progress Chart Template a useful tool for kick-starting your product management (PM) implementation and Lean-Agile reporting. 

Once you reach the tipping point and start an implementation with Essential SAFe (or one of the other configurations (Portfolio, Large Solution, Full) that will include the activities surrounding Continuous Exploration you will need to build out transition reporting mechanisms to enhance your team of teams ability to continue improving communications with customers and stakeholders. During the transformation process, there will be a period of time where the old and new ways of working will need to be translated. Keep in mind that you will most likely need to ween customers and stakeholders off of traditional reporting consumption.

I don’t recommend that you pull the band-aid off with external customers and stakeholders when it comes to reporting.

In most cases, the translation is very simple and will not require a significant departure from the communications your traditional stakeholders and customers currently enjoy.

Keep in mind your ultimate goals (and the prime directives) of true organizational agility and innovation, both internally, and in the way, you communicate and contract with external stakeholders and customers.

Feature Progress Template

Download the Microsoft Excel Template below by clicking the image or the link above in the article.

Built using MS Office Excel for Mac


SAFe® –

Leffingwell, D. (2018). Scaled agile framework (SAFe). Retrieved May 4, 2018 from







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