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Observations on the testing culture of Test Driven Development

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The impact of software teams using TDD must not be understated. It is critical. Attention to the core technical skills of modern software development are critical elements of the continuous delivery pipeline (DevOps). I’ve been reading uncle Bob’s stuff and Kent Beck’s stuff again. It has been a great refresher from the old days (late 90’s, early 00’s) when I didn’t know jack and discovered XP. Back then I didn’t know enough to realize what I was missing. Less excuses today!

This is not a primer on Test Driven Development. It contains my personal observations of re-starting the discipline and the problem of unit…

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Benefit hypothesis for the new Lean Portfolio Management class validated! – Scaled Agile Framework

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It is an exciting time for the SAFe as the Product Management and Portfolio Management guidance in the framework will receive significant enhancements this year! Yours truly participated in the SAFe LPM Alpha course with Luke Hohmann, Richard Knaster, and a great group of folks earlier this year. We all learned a ton and were able to provide feedback to the PO and team developing the courses. The new guidance in 4.6 and the new course materials are building up to provide a much deeper set of patterns for best practice and skills development in these critical areas. Systems and product thinking prevails!

SAFe for Lean Enterprises

Source: Benefit hypothesis for the new Lean Portfolio Management class validated! – Scaled Agile Framework

Why DevOps is not enough

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The right combination of lean, agile, DevOps and leadership are needed for a full digital transformation. Here’s why, and how to get the mix right.

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Fabric Print – SAFe® 4.6 Big Picture

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I found this excellent resource for printing the SAFe® 4.6 Full Configuration Big Picture on fabric of various types.

The posters are available from Scaled Agile, Inc. You can buy the design I already setup with spoon I purchased this for under $30 USD.

SAFe 4.6 Full_60x48 Big Picture – blogagility – Spoonflower via