Take a Tour of the Rimac Factory With the Man Himself & Pace of Change

“We need to change everything. The whole company changes pretty much every year. – Mate Rimac”

The enterprise architect’s ecosystem in an agile enterprise | CIO

Agile organizations are becoming more common because of the increased appreciation for their transformational gains. With this movement, we are assisting at the emergence of a new breed of enterprise architects that are becoming instrumental in making their corporation more agile. It requires a major culture shift where enterprise architects need to collaborate frequently withContinue reading “The enterprise architect’s ecosystem in an agile enterprise | CIO”

Braveheart (3/9) Movie CLIP – They Will Never Take Our Freedom (1995) HD – YouTube

What flavor of psychological safety does your organization have? The social media version? Where any dissenting opinions are attacked. Does your organization favor freedom of speech and ideas, and innovation? Possess a culture of learning? Or does your company culture reward speaking up with ridicule and punishment?