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This blog is for YOU, the Lean-Agile change agent, coach, scrum master, product owner, developer, practitioner, relentless improver, business person, inquisitor,  and lifelong learner.

The purpose of blogagility.com is to curate valuable thought leadership on topics of business, Agile, enterprise business agility, coaching, empathy/compassion/love, tools, practices, frameworks, methods, processes, mindsets, cognitive biases, and common sense.

3 Prime Directives for organizational transformation & change:

  1. Become a continuous learning organization.
  2. Focus on relentless improvement (Read: Toyota Kata).
  3. Drive innovation in ways of thinking, ways of feeling, and ways of working.

Ideas on coaching in the enterprise:

Ethos, Pathos, Logos. The core of humanity is where a coaches work is done. A passion for change is mandatory. The mechanics are the noise outside. – Marshall Guillory

Paper accomplishes nothing without a pen and a thoughtful, moving hand. – Marshall Guillory

My credentials

Scaled Agile SPCT Candidate, SAFe® Exam Developer, SAFe Remote Trainer,  SPC 5.0, RTE 5.0, SGP, SA, POPM, LPM, SDP, APM, SSM, SASM || AHF || OMEC || IC Agile Certified InstructorICP ATF || Scrum Alliance CSM, CSPO || TBM CTBME® | Flow Framework™ Professional

Would you like to contact me?

Please use the form below. Or e-mail directly at agile2017@blogagility.com.


Blogagility – 



1. Mix two parts agility and one part blog

2. An agile blog that easily adapts to the whims of musing

3. a place to learn, discuss and share in the lean-agile revolution

4. a reminder to be a continuous learner focused on research & development, experiments


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