Pree: Lead time & Flow efficiency measures a system’s Efficiency – Not Effectiveness

Not all businesses can achieve high flow efficiency 


Product Owners are torn between being the “Leader-first” and the “Servant-first”

Authored by Preetam De, a contributing author. When we talk about Servant Leadership the first role that comes to our mind is the Scrum Master. It is the first role ever, of its kind, which was created specifically for the sole purpose to “Serve”. Only if Robert K. Greenleaf was alive until 1998, he […]

Stretched Target on a Sprint? Please Stop!

Authored by Preetam De, a contributing author. In the last few days several people have asked me a question about stretched targets on Scrum sprints – not sure if it was a co-incidence or an ongoing vibe. So I will take a moment to explain it. This article will not revisit the negative consequences […]

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