DevOps, Automation, Batch Size, Swarming – Formula1 videos

Remember, we are trying to reduce the transaction cost of a batch.


Cliffs Notes: Principles of Product Development Flow – Reinertsen

Reinertsen Princples of Product Development Flow Cliffs Notes

Team building patterns for SAFe®

You cannot force or assign shared ownership. Management must learn to trust her people and the system.

Planning Defects into the system

Why on earth do we do that? Team A, an Agile Release Train (ART), or the mythical Scrum team, has a lot of technical debt. In an effort to reduce the technical debt, management decides to create a bunch of new “container” “FEATURES” in the product backlog to address batches of defects. Because they want […]

RE: #noestimates sidebar in #SAFe #RTE course.

I read several articles on the subject after having a short discussion during class this week with a fellow student (and amazing person!). #noestimates does not seem to address the rather common difficulty in achieving a consistent, homogenous backlog with deterministic job durations and delay costs in a CAS. The #noestimates solution fails in the same […]

Paradigm shift: Slicing Features

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