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The Agile Labeling and perception problem

Next in this series of “Agile Community Retrospective”   The labeling and perception problem. Is this a chicken or a self-contained non-refrigerated organic protein production and preservation system with post-production viable protein value and recyclability? Is it the baggage and complexity that “Agile” comes with or simply “Business Agility” we are after? Or perhaps justContinue reading “The Agile Labeling and perception problem”

Business Outcomes and Measuring the Wrong Things

April 3, 2018 – by Marshall Guillory Just read an interesting article. The average Chic-Fil-A unit brings in $4.4M in revenue. The average McDonald’s $2.5M. With many similarities, it begs the question of what is it in Chic-Fil-A’s system that creates almost 2X the amount of value for shareholders for a single unit? My hypothesis:Continue reading “Business Outcomes and Measuring the Wrong Things”

Raconteur – Cognitive Bias

This infographic from Raconteur is a good summary of cognitive biases. People and hence, organizations bring their bias to work each day. How we as change agents maneuver to help build environments where those people can generate successful outcomes is important. The first step is in understanding behavior and how it is driven by ourContinue reading “Raconteur – Cognitive Bias”