Coder Culture – Crazy and Crashing

…as an “evil” Scrum master I would want to comment to this “developer” that, “what I am hearing is…

Perception of Value in a CAS

The decision-making process itself must be adaptive to common contexts and uses for the object being valued. Otherwise, we risk oversimplifying the value of business features, or we could miss complexities that drive context based value that would have affected the origin decision.

RE: #noestimates sidebar in #SAFe #RTE course.

I read several articles on the subject after having a short discussion during class this week with a fellow student (and amazing person!). #noestimates does not seem to address the rather common difficulty in achieving a consistent, homogenous backlog with deterministic job durations and delay costs in a CAS. The #noestimates solution fails in the sameContinue reading “RE: #noestimates sidebar in #SAFe #RTE course.”

The Knowledge Worker Factory

Does it really exist? Or are we still working in the blacksmith shop? Will it take AI to bridge the gap? In Lean manufacturing companies that build physical things have been able to improve quality consistently and dramatically since the dawn of the industrial age. Here many of us are in the post-industrial, Information TechnologyContinue reading “The Knowledge Worker Factory”

Scrum 2.0 – The Scrum Manager

The new new new Scrum. Gone are the days when a Scrum master was the facilitator of a process framework. New new new Scrum 2.0 brings in a new perception and fallacious understanding of the Scrum master role as a manager. The Scrum Manager.