Defining Velocity for relative estimating teams (Agile)

Blogagility definition of velocity for a relative estimating team (or “Agile” team):

The Agile End Game 

And the Agile Game of Thrones continues, a self-defining and destructive process where no people or processes or frameworks win. Everyone loses. The Agile End Game. Next time can we do it TOGETHER? Or, perhaps we should work on common ground now to defeat the enemies that so called “Agilists” claim to challenge?

How Do Committees Invent? /Conway’s Law

Have you ever worked in an organization run by committee? All decisions requiring consensus, even the minutiae? Immutable command and control structures that were often too busy to collaborate with underlings? What did their results look like? I like how Mel ties in the social construct and communication into the discussion of organizational structures. HowContinue reading “How Do Committees Invent? /Conway’s Law”

The SAFe Air Bear

We had a “SAFe Air Bear” visit us for P3 PI Planning this week! Hilarious selfie’s ensued… The SAFe Air Bear was motivating our Agile Release Planes (ARPs) to successfully plan out feature flights for the next three months (Program Increment three). Two ARPs, and a little over 150 people participated. Still working on featureContinue reading “The SAFe Air Bear”