Jem D’jelal: If you could only let go of agile…

Reblogged with permission from Jem D’jelal, the original author of this content, as a contributor to Originally published on LinkedIn February 2, 2017.  Jem D’jelal Coaching individuals & teams to find “better” ways of working. God it’s hard, isn’t it? Learning about something you’re so passionate about, something which fills your being with such energyContinue reading “Jem D’jelal: If you could only let go of agile…”

Truths about the SAFe

S_Fe is not Agile. S_Fe is not even Scrum. – Mike Beedle In response to Mike Beedle on LinkedIn. Mike is wrong about the SAFe of course. And not just because of his childish method of attack. Facts, evidence, experiments, my experience and dozens of business case studies back up the experiments of the SAFe. Mike soundsContinue reading “Truths about the SAFe”

Lippitt/Knoster Change Model – useful dive into change theory

Studying up on Lippitt / Knoster change models I learned about from Construx videos. Steve McConnell of course being one of the greatest software development thought leaders is the presenter. Interesting how these change theories are baked into some of the Agile frameworks and mindsets like the SAFe / Agile Manifesto. As a coach, theseContinue reading “Lippitt/Knoster Change Model – useful dive into change theory”