Scaled Agile Acquires Conteneo | FinSMEs

I couldn’t be happier for Luke and his team. He is an amazing business leader, trainer, and personality! This is a great move on the part of Scaled Agile. Scaled Agile, a provider of a framework for enterprise agility, acquired Conteneo, a platform for collaborative product market research and decision-making Source: Scaled Agile Acquires ConteneoContinue reading “Scaled Agile Acquires Conteneo | FinSMEs”

Fabric Print – SAFe® 4.6 Big Picture

I found this excellent resource for printing the SAFe® 4.6 Full Configuration Big Picture on fabric of various types. The posters are available from Scaled Agile, Inc. You can buy the design I already setup with spoon I purchased this for under $30 USD. SAFe 4.6 Full_60x48 Big Picture – blogagility – Spoonflower reading “Fabric Print – SAFe® 4.6 Big Picture”

Agile Moment: Learning from Product Management observations

Product management is a wholly immersive experience. It simply cannot be done effectively through shortcuts and half baked effort. At scale or for your mom and pop shop… success means hard work and building deep and wide connections with those who buy and those who build as you make the economic decisions on which sliceContinue reading “Agile Moment: Learning from Product Management observations”