Why Does Agile Cause Arguments? – Bath Scrum User Group Lightning Talk – YouTube

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Representing the Customer – Scaling Frameworks

Picking on the name of a framework to denigrate it is petty and foolish. Really, the mark of a bully.

Misunderstanding Fake Agile – The Agile Game of Thrones

Lead with love or don’t try at all. The Agile community needs UNITY, not hate and discontent.

When Scrum and Agile are not enough

Furthermore, we often forget that Agile and Scrum start out in a state of death. They must be given life.

Coder Culture – Crazy and Crashing

…as an “evil” Scrum master I would want to comment to this “developer” that, “what I am hearing is…

Planning Defects into the system

Why on earth do we do that? Team A, an Agile Release Train (ART), or the mythical Scrum team, has a lot of technical debt. In an effort to reduce the technical debt, management decides to create a bunch of new “container” “FEATURES” in the product backlog to address batches of defects. Because they want […]

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