The Cynefin Framework reference

I can’t say that I agree at all with Dave Snowden’s approach to communication. The guy is rough around the edges, a “perpetual curmudgeon” in his own words. And that is describing it kindly. He does have some good ideas on decision making though.

Lippitt/Knoster Change Model – useful dive into change theory

Studying up on Lippitt / Knoster change models I learned about from Construx videos. Steve McConnell of course being one of the greatest software development thought leaders is the presenter. Interesting how these change theories are baked into some of the Agile frameworks and mindsets like the SAFe / Agile Manifesto. As a coach, theseContinue reading “Lippitt/Knoster Change Model – useful dive into change theory”

Jem D’jelal: The agile hypocrite who hated recruiters.

Reblogged with permission from Jem D’jelal, the original author of this content, as a contributor to Originally published on LinkedIn November 21, 2016.  Jem D’jelal Coaching individuals & teams to find “better” ways of working. There’s this ScrumMaster I know. Who turns his empathy off like a light switch. You see with his team he’sContinue reading “Jem D’jelal: The agile hypocrite who hated recruiters.”

AGILE MOMENT: Framing a User Story, a Visualization.

What does it mean to frame a user story? This often can be a difficult process to explain. Try to use this technique when you are teaching planning poker and writing user stories. As we work through the process of doing planning poker to create amazing estimates (based on: knowledge, uncertainty, volume, and complexity) weContinue reading “AGILE MOMENT: Framing a User Story, a Visualization.”