SAFe® Program Predictability Measure Worksheet Tool

A free tool provided by and your humble blogger Marshall Guillory. A SAFe way to calculate the Program Predictability Measure Occasionally I get requests from folks asking about a working version of the charting tool used to display the SAFe Program Predictability Measure (PPM) for an Agile Release Train (ART). I was serving itContinue reading “SAFe® Program Predictability Measure Worksheet Tool”

Exploring the economics of decision making in SAFe® through gamification

Economic thinking and principles In the popular Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (SAFe) we strive to “apply a comprehensive economic framework” through Principle #1: Take an Economic View. Certainly, part of how we deliver on this framework is through the natural decentralized decision making process that occurs when real Agile teams hypothesize their wayContinue reading “Exploring the economics of decision making in SAFe® through gamification”