Mobile Web App Testing Tool – MobileTest

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Here is a great resource for web software developers. MobileTest. It offer emulation for a few different mobile platforms.


#gapgate. Sigh. The media hounds are at it again…

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First there was #antennaegate, then the infusible stories on the new Apple iPhone 6 bending (see 5 million articles/posts/videos of whining on #bendgate) under 80 lbs or more of highly unusual physical forces. Now the media and fashion challenged (read: nimrods who stuff their expensive tech in tight fitting jeans, then bend over) people are stuck in “we don’t have a story” mode again (or I’m bored and have no journalism skills?) with a dig on Samsung over #gapgate. Read the rest of this entry »

Whitehurst: on DevOps, apps, and infrastructure; Blogagility – Agile Scrum is the answer

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An analysis

Jim Whitehurst discussed the interactions or lack thereof between infrastructure and operational folks and the guys who are locked in the closet – developers – in an interview with Fredric Paul (Network World). They discussed the fact that software is becoming ever more omnipresent in technology. It is the first level of interaction for users. People do tend to tune out the sleek new hardware and focus on the software experience. And it better be a good one! Not many end users care about the backend. So, Whitehurst asks the important question… Read the rest of this entry »

Practical Application: The Daily Scrum and other stuff for Remote Teams

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The world is changing, becoming smaller and smaller everyday thanks in large part to technology. Read the rest of this entry »

Critiquing One of My Own Real User Stories

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I am a fan of Mike Cohn and follow his blog, books, and courses regularly. He makes a great point about how we sometimes jump right into solving the problem rather than stating goals, documenting requirements, constraints and criteria for acceptance. Read more at his blog…

Critiquing One of My Own Real User Stories.

In case you haven’t noticed, a few months ago we launched Front Row Agile, a site dedicated to video training courses on agile and Scrum. This has placed me in the role of product owner for the site. And recently, the team on the project criticized my story writing! It was a valid criticism, so I want to share it here.

As you’d expect on a video training site, someone who buys a course is asked to review the course after watching it. Unfortunately very few course participants were leaving reviews. In fact, we’d only had one review given.

Size matters – a feature the technology industry still hasn’t figured out

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I just read a charming article about “a petite woman’s experience with a new “large” smartphone. While the article is purely subjective it does shed light on the fact that the technology industry has largely ignored product sizing features. Read the rest of this entry »