Great story about the importance of family – Father and Daughter Reunion

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I had to repost this story. This gentleman made a very important, amazing decision to spend more time with his family. He certainly got two of his priorities straight. I wonder if he has #1 correct?

Boss at $2-trillion investment firm PIMCO says 10-year-old daughter made him quit



Make It Count

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Make It Count.

I would send a message to Jesus Christ our Savior… “Please Lord, come now!”

New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Fail Hammer and Blender Tests

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I figured since so MANY people are contributing, well, absolutely nothing to LinkedIn Pulse that I would join in on the fun. People and their endless and negative rants and bashing on various technologies and products only proves one thing — that the writer of the non-article article is uninformed and really only seeks attention or more useless “likes.” Read the rest of this entry »