Walk the Kanban while Scrumming it

Artificial Limitations are not controls

Don’t limit your team to using just Scrum or Kanban. Don’t even limit yourself to using watered down versions of a combination of Scrum and Kanban. High-performance teams master both the empirical process framework and controls called Scrum, and the use of Kanban (system; Lean).

Continuous Learning (The Three Ways) & Empiricism

Continuous learning teams know how to scale these frameworks and systems using the SAFe and other scaling frameworks to suit the needs of the business and customer solution context (value). Learning teams know how to drive DEVOPS culture and practices through self-organization and self-management.

Scrumming it, the next step

If you are practicing Scrum, and using a Kanban to support the process framework it is helpful to walk the board during the Daily Stand-up (Scrum). Do this a few times a week rather than asking the three questions every day.


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Reception Consensus

I hear “Yanny.” Now, how often is it in business that people “hear” or “perceive” different things based on the same communication?

We must seek out ways to break down communications to accommodate different perspectives, hearing, and understanding to baseline what is heard, perceived and understood to achieve a state of “reception consensus.”


Scrum 2.0 – The Scrum Manager

The new new new Scrum.

Gone are the days when a Scrum master was the facilitator of a process framework.

New new new Scrum 2.0 brings in a new perception and fallacious understanding of the Scrum master role as a manager. The Scrum Manager. Continue reading “Scrum 2.0 – The Scrum Manager”

The Scrum Song – vlog – Coaching Tip #9

Lot’s of instructors will tell you about the common escape clause for Scrum, “Scrum Is Simple but Not Easy.” I read another article that makes a much more valid point, “Scrum is easy, people are hard.” The latter diving into how people learn and more importantly, how they change. Or not.

Any two-day course is only the beginning. In two days, you are getting exposed to a breadth of knowledge about Scrum. If you are lucky enough to learn Scrum from a provider that includes Bowman’s Back of the Room and/or Gamification techniques then you will also be exposed to a surface level experience of how Scrum is intended to work.

Continue reading “The Scrum Song – vlog – Coaching Tip #9”

NPS Survey Results (negative 22; April 2018)

Well, it has been twelve days since I first published the NPS survey for blogagility.com. What are people saying about blogagility? Not much. At all. I’m fairly certain that most of the 2,000 views and 1,500 visitors each month are bots. For you humans out there reading the blog… thank you.

In summary, it appears that a few things are going on. First, the sample size was extremely low with only 9 responses. That in of itself points to a challenge. Next, the majority of the responses were negative, resulting in a -22 NPS. Not great as you can see from the chart below.



There were mostly detractors in the responses (5 detractors, 3 promoters, 1 passive).

There was one promoter, to whom I am very grateful to for the comment quoted below. The survey was anonymous.

1. It presents its view without bias. 2. Its information is very relevant to the present and future agile approach. 3. Most I like about this blog is, although short I always learn from the blog. Short, to the point and knowledgeable. – anonymous survey respondent

I will have to rethink my original intent for this blog. I enjoy helping people in the community immensely. But the expense in money and time may not be a good value and ROI.

The survey…

Blogagility.com 2018 Change Agent Survey

Epic Progress Measure Chart Template

If you are a change agent, SAFe® Program Consultant, SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager, STE, RTE, or practitioner you may find the Blogagility.com™ Epic Progress Measure Chart Template a useful tool for kick-starting your lean portfolio management (LPM) implementation.  Continue reading “Epic Progress Measure Chart Template”

2018 Blogagility.com Change Agent Survey

Dear Blogagility.com Subscribers,

The blog has over 1600 e-mail subscribers, receives over 2,000+ views and 1,500+ unique visitors each month as of April 2018. I deeply appreciate your support, feedback, and connections!

I have created an NPS survey for BLOGAGILITY.com. I would sincerely appreciate your feedback on the blog and its content. Based on the survey feedback, I will be making a determination on whether or not to continue investing time and money into the project.

The survey will run into the first few weeks of May 2018. I will collect the results and post them here.


Marshall Guillory

Complete the survey here:

Blogagility.com 2018 Change Agent Survey

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