Critiquing One of My Own Real User Stories

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I am a fan of Mike Cohn and follow his blog, books, and courses regularly. He makes a great point about how we sometimes jump right into solving the problem rather than stating goals, documenting requirements, constraints and criteria for acceptance. Read more at his blog…

Critiquing One of My Own Real User Stories.

In case you haven’t noticed, a few months ago we launched Front Row Agile, a site dedicated to video training courses on agile and Scrum. This has placed me in the role of product owner for the site. And recently, the team on the project criticized my story writing! It was a valid criticism, so I want to share it here.

As you’d expect on a video training site, someone who buys a course is asked to review the course after watching it. Unfortunately very few course participants were leaving reviews. In fact, we’d only had one review given.


Size matters – a feature the technology industry still hasn’t figured out


I just read a charming article about “a petite woman’s experience with a new “large” smartphone. While the article is purely subjective it does shed light on the fact that the technology industry has largely ignored product sizing features. Continue reading “Size matters – a feature the technology industry still hasn’t figured out”

Great story about the importance of family – Father and Daughter Reunion

I had to repost this story. This gentleman made a very important, amazing decision to spend more time with his family. He certainly got two of his priorities straight. I wonder if he has #1 correct?

Boss at $2-trillion investment firm PIMCO says 10-year-old daughter made him quit


New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Fail Hammer and Blender Tests

I figured since so MANY people are contributing, well, absolutely nothing to LinkedIn Pulse that I would join in on the fun. People and their endless and negative rants and bashing on various technologies and products only proves one thing — that the writer of the non-article article is uninformed and really only seeks attention or more useless “likes.”Continue reading “New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Fail Hammer and Blender Tests”

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