Looking for authors with good content. Words and character.

Looking for authors with good content. Words and character. Have you adopted Lean/systems thinking and/or the “Agile” [sic] into your ethos? Do you have something to contribute to the community? Have fear about sharing your ideas and thoughts and want to learn how to let go? Do you want a place where you can grow?Continue reading “Looking for authors with good content. Words and character.”

Adrian Lander: The Agile Guru – Not!

Reblogged with permission from Adrian Lander, the original author of this content. Originally published on LinkedIn, August 6, 2017. The Agile Guru – Not! I was in shock, the other day. Really. Yes, me getting shocked, after so many years in practice, hardly a believable start of a real story. But it really happened, in frontContinue reading “Adrian Lander: The Agile Guru – Not!”

SAFe© – The Program Board, a real life working example

I promised a picture of the (jokingly) “super duper milestone, feature, dependency board runway” (PB) for our Agile Release Planes (ART) two weeks ago from my amazing uber client people at ESC. Well, here you go. before the ART 1 and ART 3 PI4 Planning (P4 PIP):

Leading SAFe 4.5 August 15-16, 2017

Join us the 15th and 16th in Arlington, VA in August to broaden your horizons in the two day Leading SAFe 4.5 course with your humble servant leader instructor Marshall Guillory, consultant and trainer from i360 Technologies, a bronze Scaled Agile partner. $995 per student including all the learning materials and dizzying heights you canContinue reading “Leading SAFe 4.5 August 15-16, 2017”

Jem D’jelal: How to be an agile politician in 6 steps.

Reblogged with permission from Jem D’jelal, the original author of this content, as a contributor to blogagility.com. Originally published on LinkedIn July 23, 2017.  Jem D’jelal Coaching individuals & teams to find “better” ways of working. 1.Distance yourself from anything controversial You need to make yourself look attractive to companies who don’t want to change. ThisContinue reading “Jem D’jelal: How to be an agile politician in 6 steps.”

What is organizational agility?

Enjoying the questionnaire Nissreen Barakat. I have pondered this question for a while too. I don’t feel like the answers I’ve found so far tell the whole story, although most are decent. What are your thoughts? From your point of view, what is the definition of organizational agility? My take at starting the discussion: AnContinue reading “What is organizational agility?”