Retrospectives @Scale within SAFe® portfolio context

Did you know that the value of facilitating retrospectives is also valuable at scale? In other words, facilitating cross-organizational retrospectives. Improvement is necessary to create better business outcomes. Relentless improvement should be a prime directive in every Lean-Agile organization. In particular, if you are working within a Lean-Agile SAFe® portfolio you may be familiar withContinue reading “Retrospectives @Scale within SAFe® portfolio context”

WSJ: What My Son With Autism Taught Me About Managing People

This article contains a profound insight into cognitive bias’ that I feel is worth a read. Reblogged in part as a quote from The Wall Street Journal. By Alexandra Samuel Feb. 16, 2018 4:01 p.m. ET I like to think I was a considerate colleague when I worked in an office. I paid attention to cultural andContinue reading “WSJ: What My Son With Autism Taught Me About Managing People”

The Death of Agile – How to rename stuff and make money

I’m sitting here on Sunday morning thinking about how there is a propensity in the “Agile” space to re-name or [re] label things that already exist so they supposedly become “new” things. That action in of itself is not bad. It can create new value, new wealth, new knowledge. Perhaps? It becomes bad when itContinue reading “The Death of Agile – How to rename stuff and make money”

vlog #6 – A discussion on Lean Portfolio Management (LPfM) with Alex Yakyma

video log on the topic of Lean Portfolio Management with Alex Yakyma, Founder of Org Mindset, author of “The Rollout”, and Marshall Guillory, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Agility Coach and author at