New version of the SAFe® Capacity Planning Tool Released

It is a new year with a fresh and amazing new version of the SAFe, 5.0, has been released! So, I had planned some updates to the tool to simplify it and add some clarity to the concepts of velocity and capacity in relation to capacity planning and management for teams. I didn’t get aroundContinue reading “New version of the SAFe® Capacity Planning Tool Released”

Debunking more SAFe® misconceptions 10x – The Scrum master

In this short article we will prove the poorly crafted argument about the Scrum master role in SAFe incorrect as posited in the “Remove Scrum from SAFe” petition. I’m not really writing this to defeat the arguments presented in the petition because any rational person who looks into the details will come to the conclusionContinue reading “Debunking more SAFe® misconceptions 10x – The Scrum master”

Hate SAFe Machine Update – “Remove references to Scrum…” foolishness

I could do this all day. Easily pick apart the ignorance in the subject article. It seems that hate knows no bounds with some people. Get over yourself already!! An entire collection of thinly veiled insults masquerades as arguments in a petition set against damaging Scrum. Facts be damned in the articles arguments. So hereContinue reading “Hate SAFe Machine Update – “Remove references to Scrum…” foolishness”

Exploring the economics of decision making in SAFe® through gamification

Economic thinking and principles In the popular Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (SAFe) we strive to “apply a comprehensive economic framework” through Principle #1: Take an Economic View. Certainly, part of how we deliver on this framework is through the natural decentralized decision making process that occurs when real Agile teams hypothesize their wayContinue reading “Exploring the economics of decision making in SAFe® through gamification”

DevSecOps Bungling

Sometimes it is important to call out missteps even when there is good intent. Feedback is critical, and an important part of DevOps after all… The authors, brilliant knowledge workers, amazing researchers, and well known marketers of the DevOps movement did not [originally] overload the already loaded term trying to capture acronyms for every elementContinue reading “DevSecOps Bungling”