Learning from the deep ocean of failure

Well it’s Friday! Thank God! I get to go home to my family today! Let’s talk about and share our failures. Not all of them, we don’t have that much time. BUT, everybody’s doing it! The ocean of failure is deep. I do more than my share to keep in full. Yeah, I know some people […]


DevOps, Automation, Batch Size, Swarming – Formula1 videos

Remember, we are trying to reduce the transaction cost of a batch.

Representing the Customer – Scaling Frameworks

Picking on the name of a framework to denigrate it is petty and foolish. Really, the mark of a bully.

Misunderstanding Fake Agile – The Agile Game of Thrones

Lead with love or don’t try at all. The Agile community needs UNITY, not hate and discontent.

Extremists and the hate SAFe machine

I recommend that extremists stop the hate machine. Bring your ideas to bear on the community and test them in shark infested waters. The best ideas almost always survive and thrive, like the SAFe.

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