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Vlog – Coaching Tip #7 – Proxy Leadership

Interesting conversation in the latest orgmindset podcast with Alex and Andrew. In this Coaching Tip I expand on a topic they discussed regarding organizational anti-patterns. *my coaching videos are unscripted and unedited. Apologies for my ugly mug. This particular video was done in one take. Some, I’ve redone a few times because I said somethingContinue reading “Vlog – Coaching Tip #7 – Proxy Leadership”

I&A Series – “Being assigned features after planning before the PI is complete”

I am starting a new series of posts where I will answer some actual problems/ideas presented in an I&A problem solving workshop as part of open space facilitation. This is the first of a few dozen that I plan on covering. If you have any comments, please, let’s learn together.   Problem/Idea #1:   “beingContinue reading “I&A Series – “Being assigned features after planning before the PI is complete””