A Phoenix Burns

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Bill, Chris, John, Patty, and Wes walk into a bar to fret over the demise of their accomplishments…

If only they had conceived that constraints also exist outside of the IT manufacturing system.

All they accomplished was to build a faster, more reliable and better handling car for Steve to drive like he stole it. Steve’s behavior didn’t change, nor did the culture. The culture changed in the part but not the whole. Read the rest of this entry »

Vlog – Coaching Tip #7 – Proxy Leadership

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Interesting conversation in the latest orgmindset podcast with Alex and Andrew. In this Coaching Tip I expand on a topic they discussed regarding organizational anti-patterns.

*my coaching videos are unscripted and unedited. Apologies for my ugly mug. This particular video was done in one take. Some, I’ve redone a few times because I said something incredibly amazing, but didn’t want to share. I don’t have time to retake videos. I’d prefer to get something good down and post the content. 🙂

I&A Series – “Being assigned features after planning before the PI is complete”

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I am starting a new series of posts where I will answer some actual problems/ideas presented in an I&A problem solving workshop as part of open space facilitation. This is the first of a few dozen that I plan on covering. If you have any comments, please, let’s learn together.


Problem/Idea #1:


“being assigned features after planning before the Program Increment planning (PI/PIP) is complete”


A SAFe Answer

From a SAFe (and Scrum/Agile/Kanban) perspective, features (or stories) should never be assigned to a team. This is a common anti-pattern/fragile action that occurs during the early stages of cultural change where people are learning to let go of their theory X selves and dismantle the old belief system that people are dumb oxen that must be led by a bridle.

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