Customer Service matters – Balsamiq

An exemplar of amazing customer service happened to me today. Anna M. from Balsamiq (Mockups) was professional, courteous, and responsive in solving my licensing problem with a smile! We should stop the machine occasionally and recognize people that are doing things right! Thank you Anna! #balsamiq #customerservice #thanks #mockups Advertisements


The Scrum Song – vlog – Coaching Tip #9

Lot’s of instructors will tell you about the common escape clause for Scrum, “Scrum Is Simple but Not Easy.” I read another article that makes a much more valid point, “Scrum is easy, people are hard.” The latter diving into how people learn and more importantly, how they change. Or not. Any two-day course is […]

A Phoenix Burns

The Phoenix Project Burns

Agile Moment: Lego Serious play for Teams Sim

During the Lego Serious play for Teams Sim this week one of the teams decided they were a component team supporting the rest of the ART. Do you think the experiment worked? Context epic: build an amazing lego Family city Features: various buildings and geographic facsimiles like residence, roads, river, park The teams wound up […]

Vlog – Coaching Tip #7 – Proxy Leadership

Interesting conversation in the latest orgmindset podcast with Alex and Andrew. In this Coaching Tip I expand on a topic they discussed regarding organizational anti-patterns. *my coaching videos are unscripted and unedited. Apologies for my ugly mug. This particular video was done in one take. Some, I’ve redone a few times because I said something […]

WSJ: What My Son With Autism Taught Me About Managing People

This article contains a profound insight into cognitive bias’ that I feel is worth a read. Reblogged in part as a quote from The Wall Street Journal. By Alexandra Samuel Feb. 16, 2018 4:01 p.m. ET I like to think I was a considerate colleague when I worked in an office. I paid attention to cultural and […]

Agile Moment: New SAFe planned business value tool for business owners…

I was just having a bit of fun this morning, but perhaps there is some way to enhance our learning? From my original LinkedIn post. “Business Value Bowling” everyone is ten pins and one frame away from accurately assessing business value at the end of the PI! #SAFe #SAFeSummit #havingfunonmonday Marshall Guillory Well, honestly I […]

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