VLOG – Relative cadence Coaching Tip #3 – Story point craziness and the Triangulation Technique

The third coaching tip vlog. I know I’m not regular. But I do have to learn and practice some time! I’ve almost no feedback so far. I also need ideas to focus on. Lots of stuff I cover as a practitioner doesn’t fit in 2-3 minutes or I can’t talk about it. Appreciated, friends.

Tushar Paunikar: You Always Have A Choice!!!

Reblogged with permission from Tushar Paunikar, the original author of this content, as a contributor to blogagility.com. Originally published on LinkedIn August 3, 2017.   You always have a choice! If you think about it, you always have a choice. No matter how hard it is to accept, but you always have a choice. TheContinue reading “Tushar Paunikar: You Always Have A Choice!!!”