Raconteur – Cognitive Bias

This infographic from Raconteur is a good summary of cognitive biases. People and hence, organizations bring their bias to work each day. How we as change agents maneuver to help build environments where those people can generate successful outcomes is important. The first step is in understanding behavior and how it is driven by ourContinue reading “Raconteur – Cognitive Bias”

OrgMindset: Fixed or Variable? It’s Actually Both!

By AlexYakyma | February 21, 2018 Should my team structure be fixed or variable? Should my funding be fixed or variable? Should the plan reflect fixed expectations or variable possibilities? The reality is, it’s neither one of those isolated notions, but rather both of them enabling organization’s performance in concert with each other. On the oneContinue reading “OrgMindset: Fixed or Variable? It’s Actually Both!”