New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Fail Hammer and Blender Tests

I figured since so MANY people are contributing, well, absolutely nothing to LinkedIn Pulse that I would join in on the fun. People and their endless and negative rants and bashing on various technologies and products only proves one thing — that the writer of the non-article article is uninformed and really only seeks attention or more useless “likes.”

So, I would like to point out another completely useless pejorative so I too can be an attention whore like all these other bloggers, “news” outlets, and so called “journalists.”

Did you know that the iPhone completely fails the hammer test? This is so ridiculous that it fails the hammer test. I mean, it couldn’t survive even one hit without the glass breaking! This is just pathetic engineering and product design from Apple! I mean, come on… the [enter fanboy brand name and model number] survived almost being hit by a hammer. Apple obviously doesn’t know what they are doing. They are SURE to go out of business now because the iPhone doesn’t survive a hit from a hammer.

As if that failure wasn’t enough…input overly dramatic sensationalism…the iPhone ALSO failed the blender test. This is quite concerning because the iPhone is made out of metal. I mean, like, come on man it should be able to survive the blender test since it is made out of metal. Apple really needs to do their homework on materials science and basic physics for the designs on super thin iPhones. [Here is where we go to the “way back machine” and pull up all the articles about people complaining that their phones were “too thick”.]

Sigh. Seriously people. Stop being so negative about USER CREATED problems (ID10T errors). That, or pony up a few of your children to have Asgardian blacksmiths make you a super thin, hyper-light smart phone made out of unobtainium from Captain America’s shield.

Mobile “Smart” Phone for ID10T Users…

For those of you that can’t handle taking care of expensive electronic smart phones… the phone below is for you!

Uh-oh, other phones can be bent too…

Did you know that many other brands of large smart phones can be bent? WOW, what a surprise!

Now, lets all move on to something significantly more productive than your endless phone bashing posts. Like Candy Crush….

(*credit for hammer photo)

(*credit for blender photo)

(*credit for phone photo)


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