SAFe® POPM Checklists

The first SAFe® POPM Checklists and our sponsor Big Lake Software are very pleased to present the first checklists designed for SAFe product stewards & practitioners – The SAFe® POPM Checklists. There are checklists for each of the roles in a scaled agile implementation using SAFe as a framework. Each checklist includes guidance on the following topics: Continue reading “SAFe® POPM Checklists”


Responsive Advisors: One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong

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Many Agile coaches believe they know best. They believe teams must follow a certain set of steps and do things a certain way, and if they do, those teams will be more productive, happy, and successful than ever.

There’s a problem with thinking that way. That style of thinking is part of what got many organizations into the mess they’re in today. That style of management thinking derives from something called Taylorism.

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Job, Jordan. “One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong.” Responsive Advisors, 15 Mar. 2018,

Agile Moment: Lego Serious play for SAFe® Teams Sim

During the Lego Serious play for SAFe® Teams Sim this week one of the teams decided they were a component team supporting the rest of the ART.

Do you think the experiment worked?

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Update: FAA Lean-Agile Transformation

Keep up with the latest in Lean-Agile Federal Government at the MONRONeY where my FAA client is on pace for a true holistic organizational transformation in ways of thinking and working.


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Reality Wins?

Sometimes “reality wins” as an excuse not to change occurs so often in an organization that the actual reality of toxic culture never improves or changes for better.

Maintaining the status quo of the existing toxic culture and behavior in an organization to obtain short-term gains significantly impedes adoption of a new value system, such as “Agile.”

Don’t trick yourself into believing you can change anything by merely relabeling the brand. The truth will come out in the relationships.

Change agents must play and commit to a long-term strategy.

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