#gapgate. Sigh. The media hounds are at it again…


First there was #antennaegate, then the infusible stories on the new Apple iPhone 6 bending (see 5 million articles/posts/videos of whining on #bendgate) under 80 lbs or more of highly unusual physical forces. Now the media and fashion challenged (read: nimrods who stuff their expensive tech in tight fitting jeans, then bend over) people are stuck in “we don’t have a story” mode again (or I’m bored and have no journalism skills?) with a dig on Samsung over #gapgate. I just can’t believe it! My new handheld computer that does amazing things (that companies spend millions of dollars developing) can fit a business card in the space between the frame and screen! Oh the humanity!

Cue manufacturing another “supposed” problem for a great piece of tech. Just as with the Apple iPhone 6/6+, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have real features and design issues that the media and attention hounds the world over could actually use to write a real story. About something real and useful.

Instead, we get to see our news feeds filled once again with pointless criticisms of something that nobody cares about. So, here is the new swag. Let’s make a story out of making fun of the lack of journalism covering the tech industry. The media are going to need the jaws of life to get out of the box they are burying themselves in. Start now = #mediafailgate.

Note: I am not a journalist. This is just for fun. You do remember fun, right? Laughing? Real journalism?

#mediafailgate – blogagility (blogagility.marshallguillory.us) – ©2014


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