Apple’s New Internet of Things Device helps you Find My -anything-

A man can dream. I wish this were a reality now. I can’t count how many IoT devices the market has been recently flooded with. It seems crowd funding is encouraging a lot of technology to be driven to the market faster than ever. Which is a good thing. The problem is so far that none are proven…yet.

This is where a company like Apple, whom have mastered the art of the user experience (more than any company in the world), could bring to market an IoT device to end all the “I lost my stuff” stories. Apple has the technology already. They just need to design new packaging. The Apple Find my iPhone (or iDevice) application combined with a small form factor “tag”, a customized battery, and cellular SoC would do the trick.

I use the app all the time…to find my wife at xyz store that I’m languishing in. It works great.

My design for this IoT device is simple. No screen, no buttons. Just 3 current device technologies with a one-time turn on switch for activation. Small. Simple. Works.

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Perhaps this would be a great new product marketing package to go with a new Apple worldwide cellular network? I’d buy one. Or ten.


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