Gamification Test Simulation with Lego and Scrum

Your humble servant leader facilitated a test simulation today with a Lego Scrum product development game. Going to do some research on how to integrate this into SAFe courses. The participant coaches/volunteers agreed it would be more effective as a learning tool than the default simulation in the various Lean-Agile-SAFe courses we are teaching.

There are several different gamification techniques that you can use for teaching DEVOPS, Agile Scrum and Lean-Agile mindset to your students. For the subject simulation I used Alexey Krivitsky’s “Scrum Simulation with LEGO Bricks v2.0, Oct 2011”.

We are also planning to run Dana Pylayeva‘s Introduction to DEVOPS with Chocolate, Lego and Scrum Game in the a future CoP event.

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