Stop waiting

Get ‘er done.

Limitless by Choice

Good things happen to those who wait…

Or to those who get up and get shit done.

How do you get that promotion you want? That pay raise? That new title? That new house? That guy or girl you’ve had a crush on for as long as you remember? That vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

You don’t wait – you get up and you do something.

Here’s my core belief. We (all of us) are capable of literally anything and everything. All we have to do to get it is act.

Yes, sometimes that first action is clearing all those voices in our heads telling us we can’t do it but guess what – that’s still action.

Sitting around waiting for something to happen to you is a perfect example of being a victim not being someone in power and limitless.

My last post I talked about my reckless tendency…

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