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Sponsorship Opportunities grew 400% from 2016-2017. Every month over 800 unique Lean-Agile change agents, practitioners, learners and other folks that are interested in the space visit Our goal for 2018 is to increase our unique visitors to over 2,000 per month. Additionally, our e-mail sign-up list has over 1,500 addresses.

If you are interested in sponsoring an article or advertising more permanently on please contact Marshall from our About page.

You can also support the blog by purchasing a t-shirt. All of the proceeds will go back into the blog and needed upgrades so I can turn off random unassociated advertisements.


Support the blog:


The BACK side of the t-shirt on the prototype:

*one-color t-shirts will be printed in black ink only. Approximate print size is 13″x19″.

Prototype color screen print on a polo. Notice the error? The batch that you purchase here is corrected.




The actual shirt!



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