OMECv2 certification, thank you, Alex Yakyma


Well, I passed the exam and earned another certification! I suppose I’m Org Mindset Enterprise Coach (OMEC version 2) #000027. Which is cool because it is my birth date day.

However, it isn’t the trophy that really matters.

It was the learning experience with Alex Yakyma and the content of the course where the real value is. And a great group of fellow students along with Alex that challenged my thinking in many ways. Even with the cadre of “Obvious and Humble” peeps with a favorite framework we still had open minds for learning.

The course validated some existing mental models of mine, which was a relief; and most importantly opened doors to new “ways of thinking” and the importance of addressing culture, bias and mental models at an organizational level. Feedback markers, assumption chains, CAS/constraints, DEVOPS, and all of the other great content were presented in a logical order with great context.

And for the first time in a long time that I’ve experienced, Alex wins the “don’t kill people with powerpoint award” for offering a learning experience that embraces Bowman’s back of the room learning techniques through powerful, experiential thinking exercises.

Alex and the OrgMindset experience are top tier, premium learning. He treats his students well and for that, he has my respect and thanks. Thank you Alex Yakyma for your thoughts.

#orgmindset #omec #continuouslearning


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