The fallacy of stale old mental models about managing people

Managers have never, ever been able to “manage” creative knowledge workers. Only negotiate with them to some degree. Managing knowledge workers is a fallacy of misapplied theory X thinking. Get out of the Freddie Taylor box. If you truly need to “manage” a creative knowledge worker, congratulations you have found an imposter.


I am not a smaller, better smelling horse! – a la Dan Pink


Creative knowledge workers are more motivated and educated than ever before in the history of our world. Get out of their way. Support them. Serve them. Lead them for God’s sake! Leading does not equate to control. Another fallacy…


Let’s all move on (back to?) to Theory Z and beyond… autonomy, mastery, and purpose (Dan Pink).


I perceive something like Theory Z plus autonomy, mastery, purpose, self-management, and dynamic, adaptive, fluid self-organization led by servant leaders bent on being purpose maximizers to common organizational prime directives, strategies, and goals.


Isn’t it interesting that much of the thought leadership on these topics have been around for decades but they are not pervasively used/applied in most companies? Why? Use your imagination… it starts with our education systems.


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