Month: September 2016

ESC Leads a Cultural Transformation

A new article in the MONRONeY News about my clients SAFe implementation.

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unSAFe at any speed

Schwaber and his negative feelings about SAFe. Reads a lot like the jilted sister. “Only I am allowed to improve. If anyone else does it, they are merely copying me. – Ken” (oh, where did Scrum come from btw?)

Oh, by the way — surprise, Ken Schwaber is involved in a consultancy too that will charge you to  “customize Scrum.” Hypocrite. Hypocrite.

Psstt. Hey Ken. SAFe has 27% of the market share in agility. And it is growing 150% per year. Actions speak louder than your words. Relentless improvement Ken. Try it sometime.


Preetam De: Defining Done – The Holy Cow Approach

Reblogged with permission from Preetam De, the original author of
 this content, as a contributor to Originally published 
on The Dark Horse on September 2, 2016.


While reading Invest on an Epic Story and get the job Done, there was a discussion about how the done checklist can be formulated with mandatory and optional sub-tasks. This article can be considered as the prequel which forms the basis of that implementation. A question we always come across while explaining how to define Done for a Story is –


What is “Done” or “Done Done”? How much is enough?

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